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We at NOKAD are leading importers of Japanese vehicles in the South East. Not only do we stock our own sales vehicles, we offer the service of importing your very own special order! 

Each vehicle we order is hand-picked by our staff, ensuring the best quality vehicle is routed for NOKAD customers. With this in mind, we have been trusted time and time again to source the best vehicles for value, spec, and cleanliness.

Check out our current stock of private, commercial and disabled accessible vehicles.

For examples of past stock including special order vehicles, check out our gallery



What You Do:

If you are considering bypassing our current stock for something a bit more personal, then this is all you need to do:

  1. Contact Colm on 086-3736929

  2. Set a budget

  3. Discuss what exactly you are looking for (type, colour, fuelling, spec)

  4. Pay an agreed deposit amount

  5. Allow us to auction and secure your car

  6. Wait for shipment

  7. Drive away in your brand new import, hand chosen to your specifications!


What We Do:

  1. Find out your budget and requirements

  2. Search the Japanese auction house and secure a purchase

  3. Arrange shipment

  4. Have your vehicle roadworthy in Ireland for your collection

What's Included in your Price:

  1. A vehicle completely custom to your wants

  2. First registered owner in Ireland on your vehicle

  3. A vehicle guaranteed cleaner than Irish stock

  4. All fees, charges and transportation costs in Japan paid

  5. All shipping costs paid

  6. All VAT's, Duty and Customs costs paid

  7. VRT paid

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